• Brandon Kern

Brandon Kern

I was born and raised in Aurora, Colorado but was called to the Southwest corner of the state during my college years. It was there, in Durango, Colorado, that I sharpened my design skills through extensive experience at Fort Lewis College. During my time there, I traveled to many different places and learned that Colorado is incredibly diverse, socially and physically. Living in Colorado has, without a doubt, shaped me into the man I am today; however, learning to be a designer in this state has given me an immense amount of knowledge in my craft. The diverse social structures throughout the state have shown me that designs must speak to people from all walks of life, not just an individual audience. The physical landscape of Colorado has allowed me to experiment with different design ideas, and find my niche. In the end, it is my personal goal that each and every one of my designs speaks to everyone on a personal level. Design can be a leader in helping change the world and I intend to be a part of it.

Design Philosophy Resume